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Ethiopia 2017

Volunteer Work in Hossaina

Brief Report of the Project of February 24th to March 10th, 2017

A trip to Ethiopia means diving into a completely different world. It is a world and a culture literally and figuratively thousands of miles away from the clean conditions in Europe, from smooth and relatively controlled road situations, safe power and water supply, prosperity, and the availability of everyday things. more...

Traveldiary Ethiopia journey 2017


After a 6 hour long flight and a busride, which was as long as the flight, we finally arrived at the school in Hossaina. Everyone was really exhausted because of the long trip from Addis Abeba to Hossaina. Shortly after our arrival we stored all the tools in a container and moved into our two little houses. The houses were very cosy and offered good space for us all. The 7 boys moved into the bigger one and the 5 girls made themselves comfortable in the smaller one. In the evening we were spoiled with delicious food and went straight to bed afterwards. more...

Ethiopia journey 2017 is in preparation

New Date from the 02/24/17 to the 03/11/17

Fortunately for the project, the situation in Ethiopia has deescalated in recent months. more...

Shift of the project journey 2016

Riots in Ethopia delay project planned for 2016

"For two years, a government plan to expand the administrative district of the capital Addis Ababa far into the surrounding area to make room for the development of one of the fastest-growing boom cities in Africa is causing a stir. "It is one of many large-scale projects with importance for the development of Ethiopia, which are usually carried through above the heads of those affected." [ ...] "The new protest wave began in mid-July in the old Amhara capital, Gondar, in the north-west of the country. Here the dispute about a countryside between the Amhara and Oromo regions was kindled." Source:

Our new project:
We are helping a school in Hosaina

The conference of the upper classes voted for the project in Hosaina

In autumn 2016 there will be a group of about 12 students of the 11th grade travelling to Ethopia. The project in Chencha is finished and now we support another project with two schools south of Addis Abeba. There is a kindergarden as well as multiple hospitals. They support poor people with food and basic health services. more...

Report Ethiopia project
Preparatory trip Autumn 2015

The Ethiopia project of the Waldorf School Wendelstein aims to provide development aid in Ethiopia, primarily by developing alternative energy concepts locally. This free stream financially relieves those affected and ensures a continuous power supply even in times of power outages (which are very common). more...

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