Ethiopia project of the Freie
Waldorfschule Wendelstein

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About Hossaina

Hossaina is a small town 330km southwest of Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethopia. Within this town there is a school for about 300 children who can't afford a regular school. The school is led by an Italian nun who's name is Sister Maristella. She runs the school on unsalaried bases. The compound consists of multiple buildings which need solarpower and renovation. In order to have a sustainable water supply, we are planning to install a solar water pump. Additionally we will provide basic medicines as well as medical equipment. Furthermore there is a big need for schoolbooks, pens and notebooks. It is also planned to provide the administration of the school with basics like laptops and printers.

Our targets
Support of the ecological subsistence strategy of the school.
Promotion of the understanding of lasting and prospective subsistence strategies in mutual respect of different cultures.
German students as well as ethiopian students are learning the functionality as well as the manual installation and the placing into service of a solar energie plant.
Students acquire a understanding about a meaningfull and humanly cooperative upgrowth project.
All participants add to a global networking, communication and people's contacts of diverse part of the earth and cultures.

About Ecopia

Project successfully finished

Ethiopia is located near the equator in the east part of Africa and has a population above 80 millions of inhabitants. Around 80% of the working population on the land lives from agriculture. Most of the farmers who live in isolated villages have difficulties at conserving and marking the harvests. The organisation's incorporator of Ecopia is Dr. Mitslal Kifleysius Matshie. Looking to the difficult circumstance of farmers in Ethiopia, she decided to set up the Organisation Ecological Products for Ethiopia, which mediates the farmers of organical subsistence strategy, conserving methods and structural marketing. The target of this project is to afford the farmers possibility of having a self determined and enduring type of business. The nonprofit organisation Ecopia will build up centers for the training of the farmers and conserving of products such as ananas, coffee, mangos or milk in several places of Ethiopia. For the preparation of this purpose regenarative energy will be needed.

The Ethiopia project

Students belonging to the 7 until the12 classes of the Free Waldorfschool in Wendelstein work at one day in the year to raise money for the solarproject. This Day is called " WOW-DAY " (Waldorf-One-World-Day).The revenue of all student's work will go for 100 % into the actual project in Ethiopia. With these financial base we support people in need with free solar power in order to extend the ecological subsistence strategy of a developing country.Within the framework of the project, students of the 11th grade will regulary travel and at own expense to Ethiopia. There, the Solar's installations which have been generated by the WOW-Day as well as by donators will be installed together with the locals directly on the building's location. With the promotion of this project you support that all participants in different parts of the world participate together in understanding regenerative, enduring and ecological subsistence strategies.