Ethiopia project of the Freie
Waldorfschule Wendelstein

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Waldorf students help in the Ethiopian highlands

Interview with Wolfgang Debus about the project

Finally on October 23rd the students are going to travel to Ethopia to help building up a house for the farmers in the Ethopian highlands together with the organisation "Ecopia".
You can read the latest news about the project in the online article of the "Schwabacher Tagblatt" from September 29th, 2012:
Click here for the online article from the daily paper of the "Schwabacher Tagblatt"

The second project day on 29/09/2011 with great dedication!

Impressions from the WOW Day 29 March 2011

For the second time this year, 7 to 12 grade students got involved with the Ethiopian project. Once again, it was a beautiful sunny day and again nearly 200 students showed their commitment to the solar roof in Chencha in Ethiopia by working in most various fields. more...

WOW Day of march 23th very successfully!

Pupils develop high sum for Ethiopia Project

7 to 12 grade students of the Freie Waldorfschule Wendelstein worked for one day in favour of the Ethiopian project at various places in and around Nuremberg on March 23. This day is called WOW Day (Waldorf-One-World-Day). On that Wednesday, a total sum of 4,573.71 Euro was gathered!
We want to thank all supporters for their contribution to this successful day of action!
The amount will be fully available for the Ethiopian project.
The next WOW Day is scheduled for September 29, 2011. more...

Our action day for the Ethiopia Project

Impressions from the WOW Day on 23 March 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day with springlike temperatures when 7 to 12 grade students swarmed out in and around Nuremberg and Wendelstein.

Waldorf-One-World-Day at 23.03.2011!

Students of the Freie Waldorfschule Wendelstein prepare the WOW-Day for Ethiopia

At the last school day before the carnaval holidays students of the 7th to the 12th classes met all together in the festival room of th Freie Waldorfschule Wendelstein for setting up the first collective action's day for the new project.Therewith the first work and meeting day for the financing of the solar's roof can begin. In this meeting of nearly 200 students, for the first time the workgroup of the project introduced themselves as a team and presented the hitherto existing results of the ethiopian's group. The themes were about the applied geographie of Ethiopian with photographies, the presentation of the Flyers and of the new Website as well as the explanation of the WOW-Day's Organisation on Wendesday the 23.03.2011.

Waldorf School in Wendelstein founded development project

In cooperation with the Organization Ecopia students encourage Solar Energy in Ethiopia

7 to 12 grade students of the Free Waldorf School Wendelstein are working for their Ecopia solar project. This day is called WOW-Day (Waldorf-One-World-Day). The proceeds of the work of all students will flow completely into the Ecopia solar project in Ethiopia. These funds are used to support ecological farmers in different parts of the country by the construction of solar plants in order to promote ecological farming in Ethiopia.

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