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We're on the road!

Two weeks in Ethiopia for the solar project

Sunday, the 23.10.2011:
Since 12.40 clock we are with almost one hour delay on our way to Addis Ababa.
With a stopover in Istanbul and several hours stay, we arrived Monday morning shortly after midnight in the Ethiopian capital.
On the first day there will be time for arriving and shopping. On Tuesday we will start the convoy to Chencha.
We are especially looking forward to meet the Ecopia team in Addis.

WOW-Day from the 29.09.2011 generates over 4600,-!

Strong commitment from the students at the day of Saint Michael!

On the last WOW-day at 19/09/2011 the classes 7 to 12 earned a total sum of 4.669,23 Euro.
Many thanks to all supporters, involved people and assistance helpers for this commitment.

After two WOW-days this year a total amount of 9.301,85 Euro is on the bank account of the project.

This money will be invested to build a solarsystem in a community center of the "Ecopia" organization in the mountenvillage Chencha (Ethiopia). From 10/23/2011 to 11/05/2011 a group of 12 students with Wolfgang Debus and Till Kolpatzig will fly to Chencha and will start construction of the community center with "Ecopia" staff at their own expense and with the help of sponsors.

Mercato - the largest market in Africa

Purchases for the project

Saturday, the 15.10.2011:
The rest of the group will fly in a week to Ethiopia but it is already prepared.
Accompanied by local experts from Ecopia, Maritza visits the largest market in Africa: Mercato.

"Martha's" second Day in Addis Ababa

Many new impressions

Tuesday, 11.10.2011:
Since the name Maritza can not be expressed by the Ethiopian people so easily, it is now called "Martha". This is easier...
First, she could get a first interesting view into the work of Ecopia: the soap is produced with even dried flowers and the wine and the vinegar is also selfmade.

Maritza arrived in Addis Ababa

Day 1 in the Ethiopian capital

Today, the 10.10.2011, Maritza is arriving Äthiopia for a preliminary organisation of the group.
In the night she was picked up by Tigist with a Taxi from the airport. Tigist is a staff member of Ecopia. Even this taxi ride throught the nightlive of Addis Abeba proved to be an adventure, because the small car with the bags was almost overwhelmed.
Nevertheless the was well received at the centrale of Ecopia and spend a comportable night in the house, which is also in the city.

The first Ethiopia trip of the project team begins!

Maritza Grass has started to prepare for Addis Ababa

This Sunday, 09.10.2011, the first Ethiopia trip of the project group begins with the advance flight of Maritza Grass!

Maritza will now be on her way to Addis Abeba to plan the details of the group's trip together with the friends from "Ecopia". She is going to live in Addis Abeba for the coming nights and will organise many important details for the group, which will arrive on October 23rd. Cars for the trip to Chencha, food supply and various means of communication which are all important for the group's aid-project in Chencha will be organized by Maritza. She will then also tell the memebrs of the group which things are necessary to be brought from Germany.
Maritza is going to stay in Ethopia for four weeks.

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