Ethiopia project of the Freie
Waldorfschule Wendelstein

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DM-market "Projektfördertag" (project supporting day) had great success!

Action day provides cash about 1800,- Euro!

The project team of the Ethopia Solar Project would like to thank very much the DM-Market, for the great support on a campaign day on February 29th, 2012.
For the benefit of the project were given all cash, which was earned in one hour on the counter. A total of 1.800,00 Euro have been transferred on the account of the Ethopia project team.

Public presentation about Ethiopia project

Project report on Wednesday, 07 March 2012

As part of the pedagogical lecture series "Education of Man" of the Waldorf School Wendelstein project supervisor and senior teacher Wolfgang Debus will report on the status and pedagogical objectives of the Ethiopia project. On Wednesday, March 7, 2012, a lecture with photographs will take place in the ballroom of the school from 20:00.
Admission is free.

DM market in the Frankencenter supports Ethiopia Project

Promotion and project status on Wednesday, 02/29/2012

Leap days are special days in the calendar. So the 02/29/2012 Not only is such a leap, but also a special day for our project in Ethiopia.
On this day, from 13:00 to 14:00, Milo Drozynski, 9th grade student of the Wendelstein Waldorf School and member of the Ethiopia project group, will spend one hour at the DM market in the Frankencenter, Glogauer Strasse in Nuremberg-Langwasser serving the market. Any revenue that goes over the counter at this hour will fully benefit our project. In addition, from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm, we will have an information booth about our Ethiopia solar project in the market, where you can buy Ecopia products from Ethiopia.
We look forward to see you and to an interesting day of action!

Ethiopia project continues!

Large project goals for 2012

In 2012 our main work will be to create a financing concept and an organisation and installation plan for the solar power plant in Chencha.
The project continues but there will be a long way until we will achieve our target. In the next weeks and months following duties have to be fulfilled.

Successful start of the project 2011 in Chencha!

After 2 weeks, many goals for project launch were achieved

Sunday, 06.11.2011:
After 2 weeks of travel and many miles through Ethiopia to Chencha ,we are back well in Germany!
Since the last report from 30.10. many things have changed. more...

One week Ethiopia

Working in Chencha for Ecopia proceeds

Sunday, 30.10.2011:
Now we are a week on the road and in spite of the bad conditions, we began to build the house in the Ethiopian highlands.

The trip to Chencha proved to be less smooth because one of our jeeps broke down, therefore it took one day more to drive the 600 km way from addis because of the repairs. We had to stay in a hotel in Sodo, which has cost 100 Birr per Room(converted 4 euros) which is very cheap. more...

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