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Culture and traditions

Impressions from Ethopia

The first time Africa. While driving from the airport to the Ecopia headquarters, despite the darkness, one could already guess that some of the clichés known from the media will be fulfilled. The route went along corrugated iron buildings, people sleeping on the side of the road and past deep potholes. During our first "expedition" into the city we could clearly see the prevailing poverty, but nobody seems to keep a friendly greeting and watch "Ferenchie", foreigners, with interest. Everywhere one is approached by street vendors who sell peanuts, fruits, pottery and bracelets. The prices are not even close to be compared with German price levels, although for us "Ferenchies" it was even more expenisive then it is for Ethopians. Bargaining is part of the culture which always leads to nice shopping encounters. If you manage to negotiate a discount of over 50% you can be confident with the price and the trader can be too. more...

The mentality of the ethopian people

"Later, tomorrow" (Never)

If you come to Ethiopia as a European tourist, whether in town or in the city, it can be noticed that all people, no matter what social status they have, always have a smile on their face. Despite the poverty of the people and their simple living conditions, everyone seems to be happy and to enjoy life. more...

Changes in Chencha

Big process in 10 Days

After one year we arrived on 21/10/12 at the claim of Ecopia in Chencha. The first visible change is a new stable iron gate that serves as the entrance of the fenced area. There also is a finished main house which is used for the production of Ecopia products. The hotplates required for production are currently being operated with gas due to the lack of electricity. During our stay in Chencha the right connectors and cabling for the electricity were installed. Next year this cabeling system only needs to be connected to the planned solar system. The individual production areas that had been an entire room are now divided by curtains in seperate areas. more...

Journey to Chencha

With the help of Airplanes and Jeeps into another culture

On the 10/17/2012 at 9:30 clock the Ecopia group met at Nuremberg Airport. At 11:30 clock the flight via Istanbul to Addis Ababa started. In Istanbul we were waiting about three hours for our connecting flight which started at 17:50 clock. more...

On the way to Chencha

Big news from Ethopia!

To all at home in distant Europe ...
We arrived safely in Ethiopia and are on our way to Chencha.
Today we have internet access in Sodo which is 150km north of Chencha so that we can leave a short message. The last few days in Addis have been very successful!
With a few tricks and a lot of patience we finally got the solar water pump out of the Airport controls. The solar pump was in there for about three weeks.
At the second day in Addis we where luckily able to find a local solar company and we also had the chance to speak to the CEO of that company. Now an employee of this company called "Solar Green Africa" wants to visit us next week in Chencha to discuss the further planning of the system for 2013. How this all happenned and how it was possible is in detail almost unbelievable and described in the following report. This connection will be very important for the further planning of our solar project.
Due to that fact we are in a extremely good mood and all are doing well.
After the start of our travel to Chencha we will be cut off from the Internet for about 10 days.
Until then, greetings from sunny Ethiopia!

Project team on their way to Ethiopia

Project continues 2012

On Wednesday (10/17/12) we went on to the second field trip to Ethiopia.
The 14-member team with Lisa, Mandy, Marie-Theres, Andreas, Max, Rolf, Jonas, Bruno, Jakob, Thilo, Milo, Dominik, Johannes and Wolfgang leaves Germany for Addis Ababa and will arrive there in the early hours of Sunday.
As previously reported, Anna has been around in the headquarter of Ecopia in Addis for 2 weeks and has prepared the journey and the work of the team.
In the next few days, these preparations will continue in Addis Ababa and to the weekend we plan to leave to Chencha.
Everywhere, where Internet connection is possible, we will report on our trip.

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