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Project day of the "Freien Waldorfschule Wendelstein" at the 09/26/2013

Students of the Waldorfschool Wendelstein are working for the Ethopian Project

Students in the grades 7 to 12 of the Waldorf School Wendelstein have worked a day for the Ethiopian Project on 26/09/13 at various locations in and around Nuremberg. The students worked with great enthusiasm in households, butcher shops, car and bike reparation centers, offices, law companys, cafes and restaurants. All supporters our thanks for this successful day of action! The exact income will soon be announced and will be to 100% available for the Ethiopia project. The plan is to expand the location based in Chencha (Southwest Ethiopia) within the self financed project trip in the fall of 2014.
WD more...

Project working day (classes 7 to 12) 09/26/2013

Students of the Waldorfschool Wendelstein are working for the Ethopian Project

Now it starts again!
On Thursday, September 26, students of the grades 7 to 12 are engaging themselves for the third time for the Ethiopia project.

Rotary Club donates on the Ethopian Project

1000,€ Euro for Chencha

The association "Social Fund of the Rotary Club in Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen and Neumarkt" is donating over 1000, € EUR for the Ethiopia project. more...

We are back!

Very successfull trip to Ethopia in 2012 finished

Since Saturday, 3/11/12, we all arrived safely in Germany. Very happy and with pride we can look back on a very successful two and a half weeks of work and travel. more...

Presentation Day for high officials 10/26/2012

The Ethiopian government comes to Chencha

On 10/26/2012 the so called "Government Day" took place. This meant that we expected the visit of high officials. Among these guests there were also the Dept. Minister of Health of Ethiopia, representatives of the local government, the governor of Chencha, representatives of the University of Arba Minchs, the head of the Agricultural Scientific Faculty, staff of the Japanese development assistance Ministry and other entrepreneurs of the Association Go Green Africa. more...

The Solar-water-pump for Chencha

Flowing water in Chencha


On the trip 2011 we found out that for the operation of the House of Ecopia in Chencha wich lacked not only electricity but also a water supply. Previously washing dishes, showers, cleaning or watering the seedlings was difficult and the water was taken out of a small river that flows through the lower portion of the property. This river is 120 meters away, and 20 meters below the main house: You need to get water in water containers before use. A very tedious and time consuming work!
So we came up with the idea to provide the house not only with electricity but with water. A solar energy powered water pump should be used. Due to the lack of communication between us and the local solar company "Solar green power" a pump from Germany had to be bought. In early August 2012 we found a company in Regensburg which is producing high performance solar water pumps. We ordered that pump to Ethopia and paid it with project funds. In Ethopia the Ecopia team should pick up the well packed and about 140kg heavy crate at the airport. more...

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